Sea water filters

Straight way filter
Right type right-angle filter
Left type right-angle filter
Nominal pressure:0.1Mpa
Nominal diameter:DN40-DN500
Available medium:Seawater、Fresh water


    Sea Water Filters – an epitome of advanced technology, superior engineering, and robust performance. This product is a reflection of our commitment to providing top-quality solutions for marine environments.

    Our Sea Water Filters are meticulously designed to purify seawater, removing unwanted particles, microorganisms, and impurities. They are ideal for a wide range of applications including desalination plants, marine vehicles, offshore platforms, and more. Their unique design ensures efficient filtration, making them an excellent choice for operations that demand high purity water.

    Constructed from corrosion-resistant materials specifically chosen for their ability to withstand harsh marine conditions, our Sea Water Filter offer exceptional durability and resilience. Their robust build ensures consistent performance and long service life, becoming an integral part of your water treatment systems.

    Straight way and right-angle filters – Our top-notch sea water filters come in two types to suit your specific needs. Choose from our straight way filter for a more direct flow or our right-angle filter for a convenient angle. Both are designed to efficiently filter seawater and fresh water.

    • High quality construction – Designed to withstand the harsh conditions of marine environments, our filters are made with superior materials and precision engineering. With a nominal pressure rating of 0.1Mpa and available diameters ranging from DN40-DN500, these filters are built to last.
    • Versatile medium compatibility – Our sea water filters are perfect for use with both seawater and fresh water, providing you with versatile options for your filtration needs. Whether you’re on a ship, offshore platform, or any other marine vessel, our filters will ensure clean and safe water.
    • Accredited certifications – Trust in our expertise and quality control as we hold certifications from major classification societies including CCS, ABS, LR, NK, BV, KR, RS, DNVGL. This means our products meet high standards of safety and reliability for use in various global industries. Trust us with your filtration needs today!

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      What is Sea water filters?

      Sea water filter are an integral part of marine ship operations, serving multiple crucial functions. They are designed to remove impurities, contaminants, and particulate matter from seawater, ensuring it is suitable for various applications onboard a ship

      Sea water filters are also used in ballast water treatment systems. Ballast water is used to maintain the stability and balance of a ship, but it can also carry various biological organisms and pollutants. Filtering this water helps prevent the spread of invasive species and harmful substances

      The role of Sea water filter in preventing contamination of biological organisms

      Sea water filters play an indispensable role in mitigating the risk of biological contamination, ensuring both the safety of maritime operations and the preservation of marine ecosystems.

      Among various water treatment processes, ultrafiltration has been recognized as an effective method for eliminating micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses from seawater. This process is crucial in preventing the spread of waterborne pathogens, which could pose significant health risks to the ship’s crew and potentially disrupt operations.

      Moreover, sea water filters are integral to reducing nitrogen levels in the water, thereby preventing the growth of harmful algal species and alleviating the negative impacts of eutrophication. By curbing the proliferation of these organisms, we can safeguard aquatic ecosystems and maintain the balance of marine biodiversity. China valve