Hydraulic remote high performance butterfly valve

Disc: SUS304 SUS316 SUS2205 SUS2507 SUS1.4529 C954
Size: DN50-DN600
Stem: 17-4PH
Connection: Lug type, Wafer type
Flange: JIS 5K 10K ,DIN PN6 PN10 PN16,ANSI 150LB
Actuator: single acting / double acting
Accessories: hand wheel, limit switch box


    Introducing our Hydraulic Remote High Performance Butterfly Valve – a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, superior engineering, and robust performance. This product is a testament to our industry-leading expertise in hydraulic systems.

    Our Hydraulic Remote High Performance Butterfly Valve is specifically designed for a wide range of industrial applications. It provides precise control over hydraulic systems, significantly enhancing their efficiency and reliability. Its unique design ensures optimal performance, making it an ideal choice for operations that demand precision and dependability.

    This butterfly valve combines the power of hydraulic systems with the convenience of remote control. It’s compatible with a wide range of hydraulic systems, allowing for seamless integration and control, substantially boosting operational efficiency and safety.

    Constructed from high-quality materials, this hydraulic remote high performance butterfly valves exhibits exceptional durability and resilience, even under the most challenging conditions. Its robust build guarantees consistent performance and reliability, becoming an integral part of your hydraulic systems.

    Our strict adherence to international industry standards and rigorous quality control processes are embodied in every aspect of this butterfly valve. We aim to exceed industry benchmarks and outperform customer expectations, and this product is a clear reflection of that commitment.

    We invite you to experience the superiority of our Hydraulic Remote High Performance Butterfly Valve today. Trust us to deliver the best, because your operations deserve nothing less. Contact us today to learn how our industry-leading products can revolutionize your operations. Empower your hydraulic systems with confidence, backed by our state-of-the-art butterfly valves.

    WCB, CF8M, CF3M body materials – Our high performance butterfly valves are made with the highest quality materials for exceptional durability and reliability. Trust in our certifications from leading organizations such as CCS, ABS, DNV, GL, LR, BV, NK, KR and RS.

    • Various disc material options – Customize your valve to fit your exact needs with a variety of disc materials available including SUS304, SUS316, SUS2205, SUS2507, SUS1.4529 and C954. Our valves are designed to perform in even the most demanding applications.
    • Sizes DN50-DN600 – No matter the size of your project or industry, we have you covered with our range of sizes available from DN50 to DN600. Rest assured that our hydraulic remote butterfly valve will provide precision control and long-term functionality.
    • Actuator options – Our valves can be operated with ease using either single or double acting actuators. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of applications in the valve manufacturing industry.
    • Quality accessories included – Each valve comes complete with a hand wheel and limit switch box for effortless manual operation and added safety measures.
    • Flange connections – Choose between various flange connections including JIS 5K/10K, DIN PN6/PN10/PN16 and ANSI 150LB to ensure seamless integration into your existing system setup.

    Hydraulic remote high performance butterfly valve


    Application of high-performance butterfly valves on marine ships

    In the specialized domain of valve manufacturing, we are proud to underscore the application of our high-performance butterfly valves on marine ships – a testament to our technical expertise, industry leadership and unwavering commitment to quality.marine butterfly valves

    Our high-performance butterfly valves are pivotal in various ship systems, including but not limited to fuel handling, cooling water, and fire protection systems. These valves adeptly regulate fluid flow, ensuring optimal operation of these critical systems.

    Engineered with precision, our butterfly valves are constructed using superior materials that can withstand the challenging marine conditions. They demonstrate exceptional resistance to corrosion and extreme weather, thus epitomizing durability and reliability.

    At the heart of these valves lies the high-performance disc design and robust sealing technology. This ensures low operating torque, high cycle life, and excellent shutoff capability, thereby enhancing the operational efficiency of marine ships.

    The integration of electric actuators in our butterfly valves offers precise control and seamless automation. This not only simplifies system operation but also contributes to improved safety and reliability.Remoted Control Valves

    High-performance butterfly valve is used in the compressed gas of shipbuilding nitrogen generators

    Butterfly valves are known for their versatility and high-performance capabilities, making them a popular choice in various industries. One such application is in the compressed gas of shipbuilding nitrogen generators. These specialized butterfly valves have been designed to meet the demanding requirements of this industry, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.

    One of the key features that make high-performance butterfly valves ideal for use in compressed gas systems is their impressive service life. In fact, these valves have been tested and proven to withstand up to one million cycles without any significant wear or tear. This speaks volumes about their durability and reliability, especially when working under high-pressure conditions.

    Furthermore, these valves have been specifically engineered to handle frequent switching operations. The unique design of the valve allows for smooth and efficient operation even under constant high-frequency switching conditions. This is crucial in applications such as shipbuilding nitrogen generators where the valve needs to be repeatedly opened and closed at precise intervals.

    What sets high-performance butterfly valves apart from other valve types is their exceptional sealing capabilities. They feature a tight shut-off mechanism that ensures there are no leakages during operation, thus maximizing efficiency and preventing any potential safety hazards. This is particularly important when dealing with compressed gases as even minimal leakages can result in significant loss or damage.