Electric remote high performance butterfly valve

Body: Stainless Steel,CF8,CF8M,CF3M, Carbon Steel
Disc: Stainless Steel CF3M,CF3,CF8M, Double Stainless Steel,2507,1.4529
Stem: Stainless Steel
Size: 5″ – 40″ (25mm – 1000mm)
Flange accommodation: EN 1092 PN10/PN16
ASME Class 150LB,300LB,600LB
AS 4087 PN 10/ PN16/PN25/PN40
JIS /10K/20K


    Presenting our Electric Remote High Performance Butterfly Valve – a testament to our technical expertise in valve manufacturing, and a symbol of our dedication to superior quality, precision engineering, and robust performance.

    Our Electric Remote High Performance Butterfly Valves is a perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and advanced engineering. It’s meticulously crafted for optimal control of fluid flow, with an electric remote operation that offers unparalleled precision and convenience. The butterfly design ensures minimal pressure drop, making it an ideal choice for high-demand applications.

    Electric Remote High-Performance Butterfly Valve. This product encapsulates our commitment to innovation, precision, and reliability, setting new standards in the valve manufacturing industry.

    Unparalleled Material Composition and Construction

    Crafted from the finest stainless steel variants including CF8, CF8M, and CF3M, our butterfly valve boasts a construction that ensures superior durability and resistance against corrosion. The disc, available in Stainless Steel CF3M, CF3, CF8M, Double Stainless Steel, 2507, and 1.4529, is designed for robust performance in the most demanding environments. Complimented by seats made from PTFE and RPTFE, this valve is engineered to offer exceptional sealing capabilities.

    Versatile Design for Diverse Applications

    Our offerings span sizes from 2” to 40” (DN50-DN1000), accommodating a wide range of industrial needs. The pressure ratings from 1.6 to 4.0Mpa further attest to its capability to handle high-pressure applications with ease. The end connections cater to diverse international standards including EN 1092, ASME Class 150, and JIS, among others, making this valve a global solution for industries such as oil and gas, water treatment, and chemical processing.

    Cutting-Edge Electric Actuation

    Equipped with an electric actuator, the valve offers precision control in both ON-OFF and adjustable configurations. The compatibility with various control signals (4-20 mADC, 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC) alongside a range of power options (including 12 VDC, 24 VAC, 24 VDC, 220 VAC, 120 VAC, and 380 VAC 50/60 Hz ±10%) ensures seamless integration into existing systems. The option for an explosion-proof actuator underlines our commitment to safety and compliance in hazardous environments.

    Designed for Efficiency and Compliance

    The design excellence of our Electric Remote High-Performance Butterfly Valve is not just in its materiality or functionality but also in its adherence to industry standards and environmental considerations. The one-piece disc/stem design, coupled with a high Cv and low-pressure drop, ensures efficient flow control, reducing energy consumption and operational costs.

    Our valve is poised for applications demanding the highest hygiene and safety standards, including sanitary and chemical sectors. This speaks to our authoritative position in offering solutions that meet stringent quality controls, certified for global markets.

    The Choice of Industry Leaders

    This Electric Remote High-Performance Butterfly Valve is more than a component; it’s a testament to our expertise, global reach, and commitment to quality. Designed for the discerning professional who demands nothing less than excellence, it embodies our confident and authoritative brand voice, solidifying our status as leaders in valve technology.

    Explore how our Electric Remote High-Performance Butterfly Valve can revolutionise your operations. Understand why industry leaders trust us for solutions that lead the way in innovation, efficiency, and reliability.


    High-performance butterfly valves used in shipbuilding

    Butterfly valves are an essential component in shipbuilding, allowing for precise control and regulation of fluid flow. These valves may seem simple at first glance, but their design and functionality make them a vital part of high-performance ships.

    One key characteristic of high-performance butterfly valves is their ability to handle high-pressure systems with ease. These valves are designed to withstand extreme pressure differentials while maintaining a near-perfect seal. This makes them ideal for use in the complex piping systems found on ships.

    Remoted Control Valves

    In addition to their robust construction, high-performance butterfly valves also offer exceptional durability. They can handle prolonged exposure to seawater, which can be highly corrosive and damaging to traditional valve materials. This longevity is crucial in preventing costly maintenance repairs and downtime for ships.

    Furthermore, these valves are lightweight yet strong, making them perfect for use in space-limited areas on board vessels where weight plays a significant role in the overall performance of the ship. Their compact design also allows for easy installation and maintenance, minimizing potential disruptions during critical operations.

    What is a high performance butterfly valve?

    A high performance butterfly valve is a type of industrial valve that has been specifically designed to operate in high-frequency use conditions. These valves are known for their impressive durability, as they can withstand constant usage without any significant wear and tear. In fact, the average service life of a high performance butterfly valve is significantly longer than most other types of valves on the market.

    One of the key factors that sets these valves apart from others is their unique double eccentric structure. This design allows for smooth and precise operation, even in applications where there are high levels of pressure and flow present. The double offset configuration ensures that the disc does not touch the seat until it reaches its final position, reducing friction and wear on both components.

    Not only do these valves offer superior performance, but they also boast perfect zero leakage capabilities. This means that when fully closed, a high performance butterfly valve provides an air-tight seal with no possibility for fluid to escape or leak out. This feature is critical in industries where even minimal leakage can result in significant losses or safety hazards.

    Moreover, due to their simple yet efficient design, high performance butterfly valves require minimum maintenance throughout their ultra-long service life span. This translates into substantial cost savings for companies operating in industries such as oil and gas production, chemical processing plants or water treatment facilities.

    What is the service life of high-performance butterfly valves?

    The service life of high-performance butterfly valves is often a topic of interest for those in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. With the increasing demand for efficient process control and reliable flow regulation, these valves have become a crucial component in various industries. So just how long can we expect these valves to last? Let’s dive into the details.

    Firstly, let’s understand what makes high-performance butterfly valves stand out from other valve types. These valves are designed with a double eccentric structure, which means that the disc rotates on two axes rather than one. This innovative design allows for minimal friction and wear, resulting in an ultra-long service life.

    bronze butterfly valve

    In fact, studies have shown that high-performance butterfly valves can operate efficiently for over 10+ years without any major maintenance or replacement. This is due to their superior construction and use of durable materials such as stainless steel or carbon steel. Compared to traditional gate or globe valves that require frequent lubrication and maintenance, these butterfly valves are a clear winner when it comes to longevity.

    Additionally, the service life of these valves also depends on usage conditions. In high-frequency use environments where the valve is constantly opening and closing, its lifespan may be slightly shorter compared to low-frequency use environments. However, even under extreme operating conditions, high-performance butterfly valves have proven their durability by maintaining their functionality without any compromise on performance.

    One key factor that contributes to this extended service life is its ability to provide perfect zero leakage control. Unlike other valve types that may experience leakage due to wear and tear over time, high-performance butterfly valves maintain tight shutoff even after years of use thanks to their unique eccentricity design.