Cast steel marine storm valve angle type JIS F3060R 5/10K

Standard Materials
body sc450
bonnet sc450
stem c4641 bd or be/sus420
gasket nbr
handwheel fc200

    Category: JIS Marine Valves


    Introducing our Cast Steel Marine Storm Valve Angle Type JIS F3060R 5/10K – a high-quality, durable valve designed to protect your marine systems from stormy weather conditions. Made from the finest cast steel, this angle type valve is engineered to withstand even the harshest maritime settings.

    Our JIS F3060R 5/10K marine storm valve boasts an excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring a long-lasting performance in saltwater environments. Its robust construction also guarantees a high level of reliability and durability, providing you with peace of mind during severe weather conditions.

    The angle type design of the valve offers enhanced efficiency for fluid control, making it a perfect choice for managing the flow of water on board. This valve adheres strictly to the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) F3060R 5/10K specification, ensuring a high standard of quality and safety.

    So, whether you’re navigating through calm seas or braving the storm, the Cast Steel Marine Storm Valve Angle Type JIS F3060R 5/10K is the reliable solution for your marine needs. Don’t compromise on the safety of your marine system. Invest in our top-notch storm valve today!

    Remember, a safe voyage begins with solid preparation. Equip your vessel with our Cast Steel Marine Storm Valve Angle Type JIS F3060R 5/10K and sail with confidence.


    Standard Materials
    body sc450
    bonnet sc450
    stem c4641 bd or be/sus420
    gasket nbr
    handwheel fc200

    DN H1 H2 D C n-d I
    50 170 90 130 105 4-15 250
    65 200 110 155 130 4-15 250
    80 220 120 180 145 4-19 250
    100 250 130 200 165 8-19 250
    125 270 150 235 200 8-19 250
    150 310 165 265 230 8-19 250
    200 400 190 320 280 8-23 250


    What is marine storm valve

    A marine storm valve, also known as a weather tight valve, is a vital component in the protection of ships from harsh sea conditions. It is designed to prevent water from entering the ship through its openings during extreme weather events such as storms or heavy seas.

    These valves are typically installed on the main deck of a ship and are connected to different systems on board, including ballast tanks, cargo hold ventilators, and engine room air intakes. They have a robust construction with high-quality materials to withstand constant exposure to saltwater and harsh environmental conditions.

    So how does this valve work? Well, when a storm hits and waves start crashing against the ship’s hull, it creates immense pressure which can force water into any opening. This is where the marine storm valve comes into play. Its primary function is to maintain watertight integrity by sealing off these openings. The valve operates under automatic or manual control depending on its design.

    Automatic marine storm valves use differential pressure sensors that detect changes in pressure caused by waves hitting against the hull. Once this pressure exceeds a certain level, it triggers the closure of the valve’s disc mechanism preventing water from entering through that specific opening.

    On the other hand, manual marine storm valves require human intervention during severe weather conditions. In case of an emergency situation where waves are too strong for an automatic system to handle or if there is loss of power onboard causing failure in automation systems – crew members take over control and manually close all appropriate valves thus safeguarding their vessel.

    What is JIS F3060R 5/10K

    JIS F3060R 5/10K is a technical standard recognized by the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (JISC) and approved by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. It pertains to marine cast iron valves for use in shipbuilding, specifically those used for the control of fluids on board vessels.

    The first part of this standard, JIS F3060R, refers to the construction and dimensions of these cast iron marine valves. The second part, 5/10K, indicates their pressure rating in kilograms per square centimeter.

    This particular valve design has been developed to withstand high-pressure environments frequently encountered onboard ships. The 5/10K rating denotes that these valves can operate at pressures up to either 5 or 10 kilograms per square centimeter depending on their specific size and intended purpose.

    Where are marine storm valve angle type used?

    Marine storm valve angle type is a special type of valve used in ships and vessels, primarily for the purpose of controlling water flow. These valves are designed to withstand harsh marine conditions and ensure the safety of the vessel and its crew.

    One common use of marine storm valve angle type is in the hull piping system of a ship. In this system, these valves are strategically placed at various angles to control the flow of water into different compartments. This is essential for maintaining stability during rough sea conditions and preventing flooding in case of emergency.

    Another important use for these valves is in bilge systems, which are used to drain excess water from inside the ship’s hull. The angle design allows for easy installation on sloping surfaces, making them ideal for this purpose. Additionally, their ability to perform well under high pressure makes them suitable for handling large amounts of water efficiently.