Cast steel marine globe valve JIS F7319 10K

Standard Materials
body sc450
bonnet sc450
seat bc6/sus420
disc sc450
stem c3771bd or be/sus420
gland bc6
gasket non-asbestos


    Introducing the Cast Steel Marine Globe Valve JIS F7319 10K – a top-tier choice for reliable and efficient fluid control in the marine industry.

    Crafted from high-quality cast steel, this marine globe valve is designed to endure even the harshest marine environments. Its exceptional resistance to corrosion and wear guarantees its longevity, promising consistent performance over an extended period.

    The globe design of this valve is lauded for its efficiency in controlling fluid flow. It helps in reducing the pressure drop, making it an ideal choice for applications that require precise fluid regulation.

    Certified by top classification societies – Our cast steel marine globe valve has been awarded certifications from CCS, ABS, LR, NK, BV, KR, RS, DNVGL. This ensures our product meets the highest standards of quality and safety for use in marine applications.

    • Superior materials for durability – With a body and bonnet made of SC450 steel and a seat and disc options of BC6 or SUS420 stainless steel, our valve is built to withstand harsh marine environments. The stem is also available in C3771BD brass or BE/SUS420 stainless steel for added strength.
    • Expertly designed for precise control – As experts in valve manufacturing, we understand the importance of precision in maritime operations. That’s why our cast steel marine globe valve features a gland made of BC6 for efficient sealing and smooth operation.
    • Versatile application options – Whether you’re operating with a nominal pressure of 10K or need to handle high temperatures and pressures, our valve can handle it all. Its flexible stem design allows for easy conversion to different types of actuators for use in various marine systems.

    Cast steel marine globe valve JIS F7319 10K