Cast iron globe marine SDNR valve JIS F7375 10K

Standard Materials
body fc200
bonnet fc200
seat bc6/sus420
disc bc6/sus420
stem c3771bd or be/sus420
gland bc6
gasket non-asbestos


    Experience the perfect blend of functionality and dependability with our Cast Iron Globe Marine SDNR Valve, JIS F7375 10K. This product is a testament to our unwavering commitment to superior craftsmanship and innovative design in the marine valve industry.

    Crafted meticulously from robust cast iron, our SDNR valve is engineered to endure the most challenging maritime conditions, ensuring an uncompromised service life. It strictly adheres to the rigorous standards of JIS F7375 10K, echoing our dedication to surpass industry norms and deliver unparalleled quality.

    The Cast Iron Globe Marine SDNR Valve features a Screw Down Non-Return (SDNR) design, offering precise control over fluid flow while preventing backflow, making it an essential component in any marine system. Its capacity to manage high-pressure differentials is a clear reflection of its superior performance and reliability.

    Each of our products, including the marine globe valve, JIS F7375 10K, undergoes stringent quality assurance checks at every production stage. Our highly skilled technicians, possessing industry-leading certifications, meticulously examine each product to ensure no deviation from our exacting standards.

    Leveraging our global presence and comprehensive expertise in the valve manufacturing industry, we have cemented our reputation as a trusted supplier of top-tier marine valves. Our Cast Iron Globe Marine SDNR Valve, JIS F7375 10K, encapsulates our commitment to delivering excellence in every product we offer.

    Enhance your marine systems with our Cast Iron Globe Marine SDNR Valve, JIS F7375 10K, and experience the distinction of superior craftsmanship. Reach out to us today to learn more about our extensive range of premium marine valves.

    Top of the line quality – Our cast iron globe marine SDNR valve is made with high-grade materials, including body fc200, bonnet fc200, and seat bc6/sus420. The disc is also made with bc6/sus420 while the stem is available in c3771bd or be/sus420 options.

    • Certified for excellence – With certification from prestigious classification societies such as CCS, ABS, LR, NK, BV, KR, RS, and DNVGL, you can trust that our valves meet strict standards for performance and durability.
    • Global reach – Our valves have been used in marine applications all over the world due to their reliability and superior engineering. From commercial vessels to military ships, our valves are trusted by industry professionals.
    • Superior control – With a gland made of bc6 material and stem options of c3771bd or be/sus420, our valves provide precise control of liquid flow without any leakage. Whether it’s for water or fuel systems on board a ship, our valves deliver exceptional performance.

    Cast iron globe marine SDNR valve JIS F7375 10K