Jis marine valves

POV VALVE is one of the leading suppliers of marine valves and fittings in China. We offer a wide range of JIS Marine Valves, including marine ball valve, marine butterfly valve, marine gate valve, marien globe valve, marine check valve, marine bronze valve, and cast steel marine valves. Our products are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and safety for marine applications. With our extensive experience in production and supply, we guarantee that our customers receive only the best quality products. Our JIS Marine Valves are suitable for controlling mediums to open or close pipelines, providing reliable performance even under harsh conditions. Contact us today to learn more about our JIS Marine Valves!

      JIS Marine Valves. JIS no. F7301, F7302, F7303, F7304, F7351, F7352, F7409, F7410, F7367, F7368, F7363, F7364, F7305, F7306, F7307, F7308, F7309, F7310, F7353, F7354, F7375, F7376, F7377, F7378, F7313, F7314, F7319, F7320, F7471, F7472, F7473, F7474, F3060A and F3060.

      What design and engineering features make JIS marine valves so useful in ships?

      JIS marine valves are specifically designed for use in ships and include several design and engineering features that make them highly useful. One of the most important features is their superior performance when exposed to long periods of salt water immersion. The body, bonnet, seat-disc ring and stem are all made from stainless steel which offers high levels of corrosion resistance.

      These valves also offer better safety than conventional alternatives, as they have a two-piece construction which allows one part to be repaired while the other remains in place on board. Additionally, marine ball valves come with a variety of sealing options including ‘live loaded’ rings which provide an additional level of security against leakage even after extended periods at sea.

      The body shape is designed so that it can easily fit into tight spaces on board ships while also allowing for quick installation due to its universal connection flange sizes. In addition, they use various sealing methods such as O-ring seals or packing glands to ensure perfect leak tightness throughout their lifetime onboard the ship.

      Finally, marine butterfly valve come equipped with reliable fail safety mechanisms making sure that if there any defects or malfunctions occur within the valve itself it will still function correctly until maintenance can take place without causing damage or disruption within the ship’s systems.